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Nala has delivered a new litter of
​3 little females born
​Sep 24th 2015!
It saddens us that we have lost one of these little girl's.​
Nala now has just 2 puppy's.​

Girl # 1 @ 6 week's old,  Sold and will later join her new family in
​ Schofield, WI

Shih Tzu prices are,

​​Females $450.00
Males $400.00 + the sales tax.​​

Due to some problem's
​No personal Check's will be accepted!!

The Morning ​after being born

​These little Girl's Have both found their new forever HOME!! 
​Thanks to both family's!

Girl # 2 (BeBe) @ 6 week's old, Sold and has joined her new family in Eau Clair, WI

Yoggi Bear is Daddy to this litter.
He is sweet little guy.​